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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Cats Are Cute!

Dear Amitji,

“the right expression … even she felt the pain .. hope its a she ..”
(DAY - 3076)

Sir, very cute photos of the cat, clicked just in time to capture the captivating expression of lethargy looking so obviously on her face (we commonly take a cat as she!). Reminds me of an interesting article I came accross on how we can learn from a cat when feeling lethargic:

Lethargy is a state of indifference from the Greek lethargia. It means feeling lack of energy, drowsy or tired. A lethargic person may also feel sluggish, uninterested, inactive, difficulty in performing daily routine or difficulty in concentration. When lethargic, learn from cats:
It is natural for cats to spend a lot of time sleeping. A cat will sleep an average of eighteen hours a day. The modern domesticated cat is prone to lethargy primarily because the human caregiver overfeeds and under-exercises her! Of course, there are other causes of cat lethargy.
The loss of a loved one, whether human or animal, can sometimes cause a cat to go into a depression. Time and lots of tender, loving care will usually get her back into activity. A change of diet to a high quality, well-balanced food with more calories will sometimes do the trick.
A past frightening experience could cause a cat to curl up and stay in a safe place each day. Patience, time, and sometimes another cat will get this cat going again.
Just plain boredom can be the cause of lethargy. Provide more playthings, more playtime with you, or another cat to get your cat up and moving again. Two cats are usually happier and more active than one!
The greatest cause of lethargy is too much weight. An overweight cat is susceptible to heart disease, circulation problems, and other medical concerns. A fat cat's food must be restricted! Do not give her treats or table-scraps. Select a high quality food. Combine weight loss with exercise!
Sound familiar?!

Sir, I’m not sure, but my guess is that the great looking cat is your loving pet specially brought home to provide joy to Aradhya. Children are the primary cause why  cats are the most popular pet in the United States.  In a lot of ways, it makes sense. A cat becomes the perfect bark-free and walk-free companion of the child.  A lot of busy moms find that cats satisfy the child’s need for a pet but require less maintenance.  
In America, the pet industry is big business. Americans own over 86.4 million cats and 78.2 million dogs. The number of households that have pets even tops the number that have children. In 2011, Americans spent nearly $51 billion on pet expenditures. Pets are a beloved member of American families. Their love affair with dogs and cats has produced luxury pet spas, home-cooked pet meals, and countless children begging their parents for a pet. According to Andrea Arden, an Animal Planet Pet Expert and professional pet trainer, "Cats sometimes don't get the credit they deserve. They are often seen as solitary, aloof creatures." But this can be far from the truth. Cats can thrive in a family with children, and can even learn to play games that are traditionally associated with dogs, such as fetch. Make sure to get some great pictures of your child/children with their beloved kitty curling up with them on the couch!

Sir, with your permission, may I conclude this piece on cat with a look at  how Bollywood treats cats in movies made by it.
It is rather strange that cat, the cute, sweet and harmless pet is often seen as part of a horror movie, whether made by Hollywood or by Bollywood. RAAT (1992) is one such movie, supernatural thriller film written and directed by Ram Gopal Varma starring Revathi in the role of protagonist Manisha Sharma. Upon release the film received positive reviews and remained a cult classic.A family of four moves into a house that is allegedly haunted. They find a cat in the house basement. The cat has an eerie look on its face with its spot-staring eyes. One day the cat ventures behind the father's car rear wheel and is killed accidentally while the car is reversed. The cat is buried in the backyard. Later in the story, they find another cat which bears an uncanny resemblance to the dead cat. The family gets its first shock and then start a chain of scary events, all connected to the mystery of the dead cat. As it happens in horror movies, the mystery is solved in the end with the help of Sharji (Om Puri), who finally neutralizes her with the help of holy chants and the ashes. RGV has spun the web of horror played by the cat and plight of the affected persons to a great extent possible as required of a horror movie.

With regards and best wishes

Tilak Rishi


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