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Tilak Rishi, born in India, has been working as a career corporate executive, after doing his MBA. Passionately pursuing his hobby for writing, he also remained a regular contributor to newspapers in India and the U.S. Many true happenings and characters he came across in life, including interaction with former president Bill Clinton, inspired Paradise Lost and Found, his first novel. A family saga, it starts from Kashmir, when this paradise on earth is lost for the tourists who thronged in thousands every year to enjoy its scenic splendor. Terrorists have turned it into one of the most dangerous places in the world. The family is not only a witness to the loss of this paradise, but also to another tragedy of much bigger magnitude. In the aftermath of the partition of India, along with millions uprooted from their homes in Pakistan, the family leaves behind all that it has in Lahore. Starting from a scratch on the difficult path to progress, it still has many joyful moments when along the way it makes a difference in many a life. The survival-to-success story climaxes in California where the family finds the paradise that was lost in Kashmir.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Beware mosquitos, I have the mobile!

"Shoo mosquitos with the mobile" (IndiaTimes Sept. 29). It is the most heartening headline to read amidst some scary news the same day on the deadly mosquito-born deseases, spreading all over the world, from back home Alwar in India to Contra Costa County in USA. The buzz of my cellphone can now buzz off the mosquitos. The application, when initiated, produces some sounds that are silent to my ears but loud enough for the mosquito to leave me alone. And the application is almost free, though worth a fortune as far as the relief from repelling the mosquito goes. The residents of Contra Costa County no longer have to remain in qurantine on account of the West Nile Virus caused by infected mosquitos. The people in Alwar and alike towns also do not have to worry about the perpetual danger of malaria from the mosquitos that breed in billions in stagnant rainwater and choked drains, especially after the Monsoons. They simply have to shout to the mosquito, " Stop! Or my mobile will shoo." Even that may not be necessary, as the mosquitos and all the similar species are equipped with natural sensors. T-mobile, iTunes, Java games, slash-dot mobile and tux-mobile are all very fascinating. However, the first to go for the residents in the mosquito infested areas is the mosquito repelling application. It sure will be very helpful, at least till mosquitos invent an immune strategy against this application too, as they have done for all the other devices man has developed against the invicible mosquito.

Talking about mosquitos, I cannot resist telling about the belief that the residents of Alwar have living with Mosquito Menace. According to them the one who has lived in Alwar is assured of an entry to heaven because he has already served his term in hell for whatever sins he might have committed in his life. A word of relief for them- have the new device and forget about living in hell.


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